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We are a collective creative studio, functioning freely as a consortium to affect every segment of creative direction, graphic design, styling, production and event management functions.



Creative Direction

Perceive each project's singularities, respect individuality and balance the client's needs to our vision of the outcome are essential to get perfect results. Achieving that goal is not an easy task. It takes years of practice, experience and a lot of Tai Chi. 

Creativity is the prime skill. Exploring to push the boundaries is a requirement.

Our creative director is an artistry Shaolin master capable of shaping any brand's image.


In a growingly inclusive world, we apologise for not having a colour-blind person in this position.


Let us give some well-deserved and cheerful props to the masters of deceitfulness. 

Lawyers, politicians and illusionists, we are not talking about you.

The virtuosos of this fine art spend half their lives searching for fake plastic fruits or ice cubes that resemble real ones so much that sometimes talent chips their teeth on set.

Location Scouting

Crashing weddings, vernissages and other superlative events are exquisite forms to know new locations and are our scouts prefered sports. Inventorying those fabulous venues on the encephalic trunk is not easy, but we can not rely solely on computers, so each of our scouts has 38.695 locations embedded in their brains.

Set Design

Oniric existence is not a feature that bureaucrats require. Luckily we are not that kind of people and have not chosen that line of work. 

Sketch, design and build scenic concepts are our excel sheets.

Daydreaming and transforming those visions into reality is our way of life, and we enjoy it the most.

Events Management

It is not about two-way radios, earpieces and running to avoid disaster. It is about planning and envisioning all details in advance so that any event is pristine.

Anticipating issues is the key. Going smooth is the goal as we do not sprint like Usain Bolt.


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