On the fantastic journey of life, we get excited about some things and get bored by others. 

It is how it is supposed to be. Otherwise, we all would like white shirts or baked beans.

When we set out to start this adventure named Box32, we were not expecting to cover so much ground and so many trades as we do presently.

But what can we do? 

Creative Direction turns us on even so graphic design leaves us lustful. 

Styling for us is lubricious as set design makes us purr. How to choose between the arousement of producing on set and the horniness of managing an event?

We are passionate about every aspect of our work and love to get hands-on, all moist and thirsty. So we decided to get all in and keep frothing for sex and maybe for cappuccino and got within every aspect of these different but quite hot and buttered vocations.


Box32 is a collective of freaky inventive minds, functioning freely as a consortium to affect every segment of creative direction, graphic design, styling and event management functions.

So, if you are looking for people who take their work so seriously and idiosyncratically that get electrified by doing it, you have found them.